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Ruby Red Cleaning is a cute and happy, smart and snappy company that spreads the magic of clean homes and businesses throughout the Orlando, Florida area.


In the News & Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews:

I’ve always been a little hesitant to do things for myself. Getting my hair professionally colored seemed extravagent. Having someone else clean my house just seemed lazy. Why spend the extra money? Well, this week, I got the answer to that question: Because we’re worth it, sometimes we need a break, and the results from the ladies at Ruby Red Cleaning are worth every penny.

We’re not wealthy, but the money that we spent to do this will be well worth it in the return of happiness and stress reduction that they have brought us. Our happy home is spotless now.

Thanks to Jenny for setting up the appointment and to Sharon and Leah for a job well done. There are things on their checklist they cleaned that I didn’t know existed!

Wishing you all great success as you grow your business.
— Janet (Downtown)
I just had my house cleaned by Ruby Red Cleaning and they did an amazing job. Seriously, I was geeked out because I could walk through my house and my floors were spotless and shiny. I can’t wait to have them come back. Thanks Ruby Red!
— Leanne (Delaney Park)
Tonight when I got home from work, my house was sparkling clean. I am so excited. It’s been years since my home was this clean!!! My stainless steel appliances look new. I’ve never seen my fireplace/hearth look so clean. Even the top of my paper shredder is shiny. My house was a dust pit with hair spray caked on my bathroom door, floor, vanity and countertop. Not any more… Ruby Red Cleaning is my *new* best friend. I’m so thankful for all your hard work and all the special little details. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Thanks for the super huge blessing of a clean, dirt-free, dust-free home!
— Diane (Altamonte Springs)
It was very important to me to find an environmentally conscious cleaning company not only for our health and the Earth’s, but when I come home, rather than being overwhelmed by a strong chemical smell (ick!), I’m simply overjoyed by a clean, fresh house that’s mine... only better (ahhh).
— Rachel (Downtown)
After taking one taxi, three flights, and one car ride home, across the Atlantic (over 24 hours) and too many time zones to keep track of, I cannot express how great it was to walk into a clean home. Thank you!
— Sabrina (East Orlando)
I’m quite pleased with Ruby Reds contribution to my life. Calming, encouraging and comforting. “Sparkling” to use your words.
— Dallas (Lake Nona)
The Ruby Red Cleaning team rocked at my house! It’s cleaner than it’s been in many moons and I am so pleased. The kitchen sparkles, the mirrors are spotless and the whole place shines from ceiling to baseboards! As the evening progressed after the team left, I kept finding new, clean and joyful discoveries of things you “made new” again through your efforts in my home. Thank you, thank you! I can’t recommend you enough to others. See you next time!
— Denise (Orlando)
Remember Hair Club for Men? “I’m not only the president, I’m also a client.” That’s how I feel today! (Minus the balding thing.) I had my home cleaned by my company. After a long day away from the house today, it was amazing to come home to a sparkling clean house! Of course, I believe in my company and my product, but wow! Now, I feel even more passionate that EVERY woman should be able to come home and feel like I do today!
— Jenny Killingsworth, Owner, Client :)